Oh the 90s!

Growing up in the 90s has been an enriching experience. I’m increasingly realising it with each passing day. Especially now that I’m past my mid 20s, very often I find myself looking back at those years with fond memories.

The 90s were a time when the Indian economy ‘opened up’ to the world. Backstreet Boys was “cool”, N*Sync was cool and so was hip hop. Capitalism wasn’t a taboo word. And western television wasn’t equated with pornography.

I remember watching a science fiction programme on TV, ‘Super Human Samurai’. It was wildly popular back in the day and used to come on Doordarshan 2, or DD2 as it was more affectionately known back then. I wonder if YouTube has clips of that series. I was googling ‘nostalgia, India, 90s’, when I came across this incredibly well thought out article on Pinterest.

I’ll link you to it – http://www.pinterest.com/kamalgaur/nostalgia-growing-up-in-india/


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