Another day another blog

To be fair I have been blogging or attempting to blog rather for quite a few years now and the joy of starting a new blog is just enormous. It’s like a fresh new start with a clean slate. Anyway, at least with this blog I intend to keep things rather discreet and subtle.

And if you happen to be reading my blog or have come across my blogs scattered all over the web (believe me they really are scattered), then a big thank you must go out to you.

Let’s start!

Update : As it happens, I have migrated my blog from blogger back to WordPress. If you have been following my blogs this means that I’m back to square one. Since my first blogs were on WordPress. The fact is Blogger is a great platform, it does have some bells and jingles. Actually JavaScript support was the reason why I switched from WordPress to blogger. But frankly, blogger is simply not as mature as WordPress. And that’s a fact. So here I am, back on WordPress. Back to blogging without bells and jingles, if I may say so. And back to having fun just writing blog posts.