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Problem with music streaming services in India

There is a distinct problem with streaming music services in India. And for once, I’m not talking about broadband issues.

Take for example, or Dhingana. Both have premium subscription models and offer low nitrate free streaming as well. However the people at the held of these of these services are getting something wrong:

1. People who have a credit card/debit card (the one’s likely to pay the company) are the ones who will more often than not listen to music from the West and not just Bollywood music.

2. Secondly, the database is inadequate. No Pink Floyd. Some albums of Santana are missing, I could go on but you get the drift. Unless one is thorough with their collection, how can it ask customers to pay up for a premium service? Yes, I know of licensing constraints when it comes to having songs from The Beatles for example, but these restrictions don’t apply to other artists.

3. The mobile apps are unreliable and crash-prone. The Dhingana app does better, but the Gaana app on iOS regularly crashes and there is no option to send bug reports to the developer as well. That’s not something I expect from a large company.

Fix these and you have a genuine competitor to iTunes. Till then, the Apple offering is just infinitely better.