A Polio-free nation, at long last

That India has finally managed to “defeat” polio, is a remarkable achievement. The country has reported no new cases of polio in the last 3 years.

The challenge that lay ahead of the government and the health workers, who have whole heartedly spent their time and effort to this cause was manifold. Fighting deep rooted superstitions and suspicions regarding vaccination and convincing the masses, especially in the rural areas, to become part of the polio-free India drive, who were, more often than not, oblivious of its significance was no mean feat. Accessibility was another massive issue altogether. The sad fact is, almost 70 years after its independence, there still are far too many villages that remain inaccessible, both figuratively and literally, to state benefits.

Somehow all of these adversities have been ‘conquered’. Personally, I think it’s proof of the fact that when the government puts its might and intention to proper use, insurmountable challenges can be overcome, something which assumes particular importance with respect to the difficulties, in various spheres, that lay ahead for the country.