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Dispelling myths about the new iPhones

The new iPhone’s’ have been announced and surprisingly, almost every rumour has been confirmed. We now have two iPhones, the iPhone 5S which will be Apple’s flagship device and the iPhone 5C, which will be replacing the iPhone 5. Releasing two iPhones simultaneously at different price points is something of an uncharted territory for Apple and expectedly this has led to some confusion. Allow me to clear the air a bit.

iPhone 5C – ‘C’ stands for ‘Colourful’ now mentions that. ‘C’ is not for ‘Cheap’. For Apple, lowering the price of the impeccably built iPhone 5 means lower profit margins, period. As a result, releasing a phone with the same internals while being, in Jony Ive’s words, “unapologetically plastic”, allows the company to have a less expensive option for buyers and retain its share of profits at the same time. The $99 price tag, with a 2 year contract, is equally attractive as well. However for people wanting to buy an unlocked phone, the deal is not so sweet. $549 isn’t something most would consider ‘cheap’. So clearly, Apple isn’t targeting the cut-throat emerging markets like India. (Incidentally, all iPhones sold in India are unlocked) The company is retaining it’s premium tag and offering something a little less expensive instead of last year’s flagship device, arguably making the phone “exciting” all over again.

The iPhone 5S, premium as premium can get

The iPhone 5S, is pretty much Apple returning to form with some quality hardware. The 64 bit A7 processor, the improved graphics and the M7 chip are great improvements. Although one might want to argue about the need of a 64 bit processor on a mobile device, there is little doubt that as long as it doesn’t take a significant toll on battery life, users won’t be complaining. Fingerprint sensor is the big deal here. Not having to enter the password every time you unlock your phone and getting your phone to recognise your fingerprint is a refreshing concept. However wait for the real big deal. You can now purchase and download apps and movies and music from AppStore and iTunes, without having to type your password, which tends to be considerably annoying, using your fingerprint. Incredibly useful. This is as good an update to the iPhone 5 as the 4S was to the 4. My only complain is that the 4 inch rectangular screen that Apple maintains with the 5S, just doesn’t look right. But that’s another matter altogether.

Wait, the iPhone 5 isn’t “dead”

A section of iPhone 5 users are expectedly disheartened that Apple decided to discontinue a year old device. If I were an iPhone 5 user (I use the 4S at present), I wouldn’t be disappointed at all though. That’s because updates to the iOS will keep rolling for the iPhone 5 for at least the next 2 years. Heck, the iPhone 4S could well receive another update. Unless your iPhone was a bling thing to you, the iPhone 5 is perfectly safe and is still the premium device it was always meant to be.