Of Late Bloomers

Mad Men and Breaking Bad are incredible TV shows. But what is even more incredible are the actors who play the leads. Jon Hamm and Bryan Cranston have fascinating tales to tell. Struggling actors with seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against them, these two gentlemen have become a symbol of perseverance in Hollywood.

The past has not been kind to Jon Hamm, who stars as the elegant and dashing creative director of an ad agency, Don Draper. Separation of parents at an early age and the having to deal with death at the tender age of 10, didn’t weaken his resolve to make it big in Tinseltown.

Bryan Cranston had been doing minor roles in television and movies for a long time but it took a brilliant Vince Gilligan script to expose his acting prowess to the world. His portrayal of Walter White, in Breaking Bad, has repeatedly been referred to by many as his career defining role.

Both of these talented actors are the so called late-bloomers and have incredible tales to tell. I would urge you to read about them on Wikipedia and especially watch Jon Hamm’s moving Inside the Actors Studio interview.

So why do I mention them all of a sudden? For many reasons. One, they are my favourite actors from two of my favourite TV shows. Two, and more importantly these actors are amazing individuals. Their perseverance is a lesson for many of us, to not give up until the very last bit of effort has been extracted from us and until everything in our power has been dedicated to achieving our goals in life so that we may look back and say, that was me.