Help & FAQ


1. I’m facing difficulty finding posts and podcasts.

  • For all topics and categories on this blog, check out the Topics section on the home page.
  • To search  for specific posts, use the search feature on the home page.

2. How do I subscribe?

  • Subscribing is pretty simple. Simply click here. You can also choose to “Follow” the blog via the WordPress menu.

3.  How do I subscribe to just the podcast and not the blog posts?

1. Who are you and how can I get in touch?
  • To put it simply, I’m someone who is curious about everything going on in the world. I’m a bookworm (I seriously love reading, if you do too, then do get in touch with me on my Goodreads page), an amateur photographer (check out my Photostream on Flickr, a news junkie (I’m on Huffington Post if you’re interested).
  • I am a doctor by profession. No medicine related post on my blog here should be treated as medical advice. For any further information, you can visit my page.
  • Oh and I love technology, I really do. I have used various Linux distros over the past few years and have a fairly good idea about the hurdles a new user might face. If you’re interested, do check out my Explore Ubuntu blog.

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